Monday, May 26, 2014

Life is a Beach: Short Story

....."Life is a Beach" by Ego Amigo.....

18 year old, fresh faced teen,

Grew up in the Midwest, beach unseen,
Dreamed of a day, he'd finally get a chance,
After graduation, he'd finally get a glance.

Water in my lungs, gun powder in the air,
Taste of blood on my tongue, but I don’t care,
Just out of reach, gotta make it to the shore,
Finally made it to the beach, no bikinis anywhere.

All I feel is burning lead,
Never felt so ALIVE,
Does this mean I will be dead,
All I want is to SURVIVE.

Sun in my face, fellow soldiers give chase,
The worst wicked rat race, most left in despair,
Lying on my back, too many pounds in my pack,
Got sand in every crack, should have asked for a hammock,
I've brought too many clothes to wear.

All I feel is burning lead,
Never felt so ALIVE,
Does this mean I will be dead,
All I want is to SURVIVE,

I close my eyes, as I breath in,
Wanna know why, please forgive all my sin,
Nothing left to give, not much more to live,
Struggle to breath, strangely relieved,
Time to rest, I've done my best,
Now on my own, finally coming home,
All I want is to come home.

"Bring our Heroes Home." - Ego Amigo

- Tuesday, June 6, 1944; D-Day; the Allied Invasion of Normandy; World War II.

Might does not make right,
Fight does not make flight,
Redundant wrongs do not make right,
What if we could speak to the sword,
And watch it fold?
When shown the light,
Life with diplomacy is bright.

Choose Value over vice,
Silence will not suffice,
Perspective of prosperity, we'll never know,
Unless we honor sacrifice,
Celebration and compensation
For contribution to community,
The process of progress, upholding legacy,
Silence supports the status quo,
Who had to pay for our present day prosperity?

Beaches built on bodies buried below.

- Ego Amigo: "Life is a Beach"

Monday, April 28, 2014

Lumber Hack: Short Story

.....Lumber Hack by Ego Amigo.....

The mighty old oak grew big and tall.
The spry young buck, chops, to watch it fall.

Was part of the tool that chops me down,
but when it's my time, I never frown,
The tallest tree, no other like me,
but in my place, plant another you see,
I feed the man and seed the land,
the master plan, oh so grand.

Standing right in front of me,
but oh so grand, I cannot see,
the magnificent glory of the tree,
The more it grows, the more shadows,
the more it sways as it blows,
Stood proud and true, aloud it blew,
the wind could shake it but never knew,
One day I’d take it, but replace a new,
because I knew, 
One day my kids would need it too.

Within nature, we can see,
life well lived, in harmony.

Life Hack, Lumber Jack.

- Ego Amigo: "Lumber Hack"

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Meat & Dairy: Short Story

……. MEAT & DAIRY …….

Wow this is delicious, I’m not going to lie
But why do these animals all have to die?
Because they’re nutritious and vicious you see
Survival of the fittest but at least they’ll be free

Why does it matter if we put up a fence?
Given food, shelter and a proper defense
Alone in the wild, they would never survive
Facing starvation, disease or being eaten alive
Whether wild or mild, If you ask me
Given a choice, I’d rather live in captivity

I don’t care much for salads, they taste like a bore
Eating should be fun, instead of feel like a chore
So let’s eat and be merry and put to good use
we can eat meat and dairy, but avoid the abuse
so be kind to the bovine, and the finger lickin’ chicken,
even bow to the cow, for providing this feast. 

-Ego Amigo: "Meat & Dairy"

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Prodigal Genius: Short Story


I’m a prodigal genius, 
a lyrical mastermind,
I don’t even have to rhyme,
I just have to speak,
And feel the flow 
start coming slow 
then I explode
into this unplanned chaos you call speech,
which allows me to release, 
my vocal inhibitions,
and my logical contradictions,
it shall be,
Cause leads to effect, 
perspective breeds affect,
the truth we all reject, 
politically correct is not respect,

So we hide behind the lies, 
interact while in disguise, 
free is wisdom but still no wise, 
intellectual poverty defies,

All the fruit of innovation, 
where’s the proof of in damnation, 
hell on earth is what we create,
killing others to fill our plate, 
our own actions seal our fate, 
but if we change it’s not too late,

So sacrifice some greed, 
to allow others to feed, 
because we know where it will lead, 
to the birth, a better breed,

Of humanity it is a choice, 
we should all share one voice, 
to better the world and then rejoice,
and die happy knowing we've done our best, 
but for now I will regress,
all the facts cannot compress, 
and our path cannot digress,

Helping others paves the way, 
to enjoy a brighter day, 
and benefit yourself, you just may, 
because karma will always pay.

- Ego Amigo: "Prodigal Genius"

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Politiks: Empower the People to Promote Sustainable Prosperity for All

Never forget that politicians are public servants.  All this “power that be” nonsense is pointless, a destructive displacement of responsibility… they don’t own us, we own them…. and they are simply a reflection of society, lacking accountability.  It is our responsibility to hold them accountable as well as ourselves.  They have no actual power, only an absence, filling the void of our vacated influence, as we relinquish our own power to external entities; whether its politics, corporations, organizations, etc.  We have developed an abscess known as government and we must cleanse it.  We should not look toward them for answers; we must provide the answers and hold them accountable to implement those solutions to societal problems.  We must also educate the ignorant, so they are not vulnerable to negative influence.  The amplification of our voice and reach, to empower the people to be part of the positive influence which ripples through our nation, building both character and community, as a shining example of progress and potential for the world to follow.

True voting takes place outside of the elections.... with commerce and influence.... if we don't change our social atmosphere, we will never change the status quo, which is a reflection of society, but people need to be empowered to their role in influencing the system, not relinquishing power by simply settling for voting on election day.

Ask yourself... are you proud of how they are representing you? 

Our heightened prosperity has come at the cost of world suffering, just as the elite prosperity of our nation has come at the cost of sacrificing prosperity for the lower majority in our own nation.  We must sacrifice some greed to allow others to feed, because we are all united in this world and we must work together for sustainable prosperity of all to ensure the greatest positive results for all.  If we think our government has been hard on us, that’s nothing compared to the suffering it has inflicted on the world to provide our advanced prosperity, which is why politics facilitate corporations and economics, because it elevates our level of prosperity by keeping this revenue flowing and business in house.  We are a nation of middle men and destructive waste, and we must change; our path of prosperity is not sustainable.  We must set a precedent to empower the people to influence change in policy which promotes sustainable prosperity of all, worldwide.

That being said, the perception of privilege is also a very destructive misconception, leading to marginalization, which does not credit the hard work and sacrifice it took to gain heightened levels of prosperity and evolve as a society, and America is not only prosperous because of our obtainment of resources but also our social evolution providing great progress for equality and sustainable prosperity for all.  The displacement of responsibility by excusing prosperity as privilege is also what is keeping many self destructive potentially lower class individuals from raising their level of prosperity and actually fuels ignorance and increases their vulnerability to negative influence destroying themselves, their families and their communities.  Empowerment of the people would replace destructive qualities with constructive character building and contribution to community.

Empower the People to Promote Sustainable Prosperity for all.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pop Culture, Pro Wrestling & Politics... Pandering 101

Pop Culture, Pro Wrestling & Politics walk into a bar... and persuade the public to buy them drinks.

*Edited by replacing name with "Random Popstar" because the names and faces of these panderers are irrelevant and I do not wish to promote these organized groups of panderers.  I want to draw attention to the same repetitive pandering exploiting attention and influence with cheap heat and hype.*

"Random Female Popstar" twerking for cheap Heat as Hype as she turns Heel, that Performance put over both her and "Random Male Popstar". No difference between . Twerk is a cheap trick, the same as Rhetoric.

*** Jimmy Kimmel Twerk Parody, Pranked mainstream media by playing this video over actual news, and showing little to no concern for the lady's safety, Constructive Comedic Critique of Mainstream Media -

Why is this good to know... because understanding Entertainment and Media exposes the Deception and Facade and inhibits their Destructive Influence.  Investing as much time and energy into criticizing her performance is no different than arguing over the results of a Pro Wrestling Match. The Audience are all Marks, and they are making bank off the cheap heat, playing people like a fiddle, with "Random Female Popstar's" cheap and traditional transformation turning from Face to Heel.

Don't hate the Player, Hate the Game...and it's the same repetitive Game for generations.  Focus on more positive and constructive aspects of life... because even your criticism rewards the behavior, because attention and influence are key to making money and they are in the business of exploiting both.  It pains me to have to discuss this but based on the public reaction, this is an excellent opportunity to educate the masses and perhaps persuade them to support more admirable aspirations.

Update... The Game Continues:  "Random Female Popstar" claims she spent far less time thinking about that performance than people are spending analyzing it, which may be true based on her limited involvement in not only planning her performances but her entire career although I call her bluff.  The reaction was incredibly exaggerated and absurd, however, the performance was far from spontaneous.  The Heat will fade in far less time than they took to plan her performance, however the true payoff is to parlay the heat into repackaging her brand and launch a renewed career as a Heel.  Any performance that is televised or otherwise, especially at an award show has been extensively planned and overly produced in every aspect with a long lead time before the actual performance.  Not only has she been practicing and promoting twerking, and the twerk team nonsense... but I would expect that both her and "Random Male Popstar" rehearsed that specific performance before hand, and their promotional teams realized the profitability of the combination of his song and her persona to Put Over both their careers so they set it up... and the puppets danced for the people.

"Random Female Popstar" has the fabricated audacity to say that performance will make history, which is classic Heel Heat pandering to offense and the lowest common denominator for a reaction and supporting a self fulfilling prophecy or in this case... fallacy... just long enough to make money.  The most popular performers are the most profitable puppets also pandering to the will of their production and promotional teams as they compensate talent for attention and influence.

They will take your criticism, they will take your jokes, mockery, outrage and contempt, they will take your attention in any and all forms.... and they will take them straight to the bank... however... what they can't take to the bank is your avoidance.  Ignore the negative influence in entertainment and they will be force to pander to positivity... the public has the true power and we must enlighten them to their influence... empower the people and we can truly change the world for the better.

For those who read this and say they already know and don't care.... good... but you should, and you should help educate those who don't know so they aren't deceived by negative influence.  We all can be part of the positive influence which shapes our society.

The purpose of this random rant is to empower people to prevent the negative influence of panderers persuading their influence and interests for illicit means.

*This article is based on opinion to avoid liability, a classic way to avoid liability with the protection of opinion with no intended harm or malice toward anyone involved, which could also claim to be based on all fictional characters with no connection to reality*