Obama’s Catch 22: Marijuana Madness, Cannabis Will Be Legal

Obama’s Catch 22: Marijuana Madness, Weed Will Be Legal

Obama stated about the Trayvon Martin Case, “
Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago” vocalizing his disdain for the regrettable and avoidable loss of life and young potential.  Now how does this relate to marijuana policy, Obama’s personal history (35 years ago), and opportunity to save future youth from wrongful persecution and prejudice?

You must ask yourself, is a person who chooses to consume Marijuana, whether medicinal or recreational, a “CRIMINAL” and is this act harmful to others and deserving of profiling and persecution, even imprisonment… I say NO.  You are wrongfully ruining people’s lives with drug convictions, which are disproportionately effecting young adults, lower income families and minority groups.  We have a chance now, to save them and finally right a wrong, which we must.
The War on Drugs is not only a Waste and Financially Fueling Criminal Organizations, but Wrongful Discrimination and Persecution; Crimes against humanity, most specifically, the impoverished. Especially in the false fabrication of the dangers of Marijuana –  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_on_Drugs

Obama’s Catch 22:
Obama tries to relate to Trayvon Martin… but what about all the Wrongful Marijuana Arrests and Convictions of American Youth… which is exactly what Obama was consuming 35 years ago.  Obama is caught in a catch 22, because the political agenda of corruption and incompetence for profit goes against marijuana legalization, yet logic, reason, and responsibility are all in favor of legalization.  So actually it is NOT a catch 22, because the right choice is clear, to Legalize Marijuana & Hemp now; however that goes against the political agenda already established and whole heartedly supported by Obama’s administration currently.
Young Obama Smoking Marijuana
This personally connects to Obama, as he, himself, has an illustrious history of Marijuana use, even alleged abuse or excess, while in a crucial developmental stage of his high school and college career around 35 years ago.  On top of that, black youth are being prosecuted by marijuana drug policies at a disproportionate rate, the same use he once enjoyed, and yet, his privilege and avoidance of persecution allowed him to pursue his political career and eventual seat as president which never could have happened with a drug charge on his record.  The same simple escape he enjoyed, to avoid his own questions of who he was and what his place was in the world… well what do you think these kids are doing it for, many far worse off than Obama.  Wouldn’t they enjoy an escape from the crime ridden community, stress of family, struggle through poverty, or lack of educational and professional opportunity… Yes.  I’m not promoting drug use and actually find it to be a destructive behavior in most cases recreationally, especially excessively but can be enjoyed moderately.  However I simply support the legalization of Marijuana & Hemp to avoid wrongful persecution which ruins lives of young Americans based on a non violent subjective offense and to protect personal freedom and rights.  We cannot protect a man from himself, but we should protect them from each other.  Prevention of research as a medicinal benefit and restriction of access because of legality is a crime against humanity.  How long can we allow politicians to stand in the way of progress and perpetuate a lie which harms humanity?

What about all the young black kids, and all kids regardless of race, who are being prosecuted and even imprisoned based on non violent marijuana charges? Who is looking out for those kids… Nothing we do now can get back Trayvon, but moving forward, we have the opportunity to save the next kid… and why stop with gun violence, why not save all the youth wrongfully persecuted for non violent marijuana possession, consumption, and even given intent to sell based on weight simply for buying in bulk, to avoid hassling with dangerous drug dealers and enjoying their own recreational relaxation or escape from reality…Peacefully.

If Obama wants to connect with young black youth, he should be standing up for the young black youth who are being persecuted for the same freedom and personal choice he enjoyed during a crucial stage of education development.  If it’s that harmful on learning and development then how is Obama qualified to be President, when he allegedly used and abused the drug excessively during his high school and college career.

Political Avoidance & Distasteful Dismissal:
Obama doesn’t even want to entertain the possibility and dismisses any questions of legalization or drug policy as silly or foolish, apparently he feels the lives of those kids arrested and their futures are also silly or foolish.  Recent statistics listed marijuana arrests as high as 850,000 per year, so yes, it’s a serious issue, where the only victim is the “criminal” being prosecuted for possession, consumption, or even intent to sell based on weight.  We also need a change in Policy for Police Killing Dogs.  The simple suspicion of drug possess leading to warranted home invasion by police result is the death of many innocent dogs.

Reality Check:
If Obama connects with the thought that Trayvon could have been him… he must also face the reality that he could have been any of the youth, prosecuted under the drug policies regardless of race, and his administration has the opportunity to end this injustice and do the right thing by Legalizing Marijuana & Hemp.  So if he’s worried about saving more Trayvon Martins… he should also be concerned with saving other young Obamas using marijuana to relax recreationally or escape reality… peacefully.  Not to mention the medical and manufacturing benefits and potential boost to our economy.

Prestigious Hypocrisy and Double Standard:
The past few presidents have all used marijuana among other potential substances recreationally.  Even George W Bush took it a step further than Obama or Clinton with the same illegal substance abuse, accelerated with reckless behavior resulting in a DUI among other problems.  Past presidents, politicians, police, and lawyers have indulged in drug use, yet now work to prosecute youth for their same mistakes.  Even doctors and other prestigious professionals in our community have a history of substance use.  Cocaine became popular because of this wealthy class, yet is far more dangerous, addictive, and destructive, but let’s focus on Marijuana for now and put the other hypocrisies aside.

Question for Obama:
If I was to ask Obama a question, I wouldn’t bring up the legalization issue, I would simply ask him, “How aware are you of the current marijuana research, and can you please list your top potential benefits of marijuana use, whether medicinal or recreational? “ A secondary question would be, “Do you understand the difference between Marijuana and Hemp and why is Hemp illegal if it lacks psychoactivity?”  Perhaps he is not aware of updated, non biased research, which could change his perception; however the catch 22 is the conflict between his own perception vs political agenda.  He has the opportunity to be a hero and do the right thing, to save countless youth from wrongful and harmful persecution along with rejuvenating our economy by allowing marijuana & hemp to become our national cash crop; the medicinal benefit is a given.

Educate yourself to have an honest opinion:
I encourage everyone to pursue the truth and become educated if they want an honest opinion of the issue… I’ll give you one beneficial prospect which cannot be ignored…. Potential CURE FOR CANCER, shrinks tumors and kills cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.  Not to mention the manufacturing superiority of hemp which cannot get you high due to the lack of psychoactivity, yet is still illegal based on its relational plant family to Marijuana, and predatory propaganda and political corruption and incompetence.  If the politicians don’t know the research, they should not be responsible for regulating the issue which is true for every issue.

Racial tension bias & False Propaganda for Profit, Prompted Marijuana Laws:
Marijuana was villianized as a racially charged issue against Mexican Immigration blamed for its transport across the border and accusations of blacks and mostly minority consumption for contributing to crime, which was not true and simply sensationalized false propaganda and quite frankly, Hate Speech. The real reason it was made illegal was purely for profit and manufacturing control of paper because they feared hemp as a superior product.  If you want to keep marijuana illegal, then you support racism, economic discrimination, and promote Hate Speech while destroying personal freedom and rights.

The only way to win the war on drugs, is to legalize the drugs.  Research the success of the Portugal decriminalization of all drugs, although starting with actual legalization of Marijuana & Hemp gives positive alternatives recreationally while cutting ties to harder drugs in the criminal market.  Drugs are also the main source of revenue for organized crime, so legalization would cut their funding and put an end to supporting international drug cartels, criminal organizations, and terrorism.  You cannot overdose on marijuana and it is not chemically addictive.  More people have died from overdosed on water than marijuana, not to mention the highest rising fatality rates due to legal prescription drugs.  Marijuana being legal would allow us to reallocate our reactionary resources of persecution and privatized prisons, to a proactive prevention method of suppressing marijuana and other drugs use through support systems and rehabilitation, without harmfully ruining lives of youth with criminal records and fines.  It’s less of a race issue now, and more of an economic issue, plaguing the lowest links on the economic chain with the strongest penalties and incarceration rates.  What is the difference between the benefit-of-a-doubt warning or getting a record expunged compared to serious prison time… wealth and connections.  Laws cannot be selectively applied, and if it cannot be applied universally, then it is a flawed law which needs to be removed.  Where’s the Equality in Selectivity?

Law Reform and Police/Service Appreciation:
Arrests should be focused on Quality, not Quantity, and public safety and violent crime prevention should be the main focus.  A large percent of arrests are drug related, yet many of those are not violence related, simply a subjective persecution of personal freedom and choice.  If you take away the focus on drug arrests, and focus on violence prevention, the quantity of arrests may go down, but the quality of arrests will go way up.  You won’t get the quantity of arrests overall, but you will increase the quantity of violence prevention and arrests which will substantially increase the quality of arrests and the protection of public safety.  We need law reform, to focus strictly on enforcing dangerous behavior toward others and threats to public safety.  We need to establish a bond of respect for police and all service professionals, but having police focus on non violent offenses not only doesn’t serve public safety, but it’s merely for profit and it tarnishes the relationship between the police and the public.  Police need to be on full alert, whenever confronting a member of the public, so we should restrict those interactions to serious criminal offenses.  Traffic stops are one of the most dangerous events of a Police profession, so they must be fully alert which cause some to be naturally hostile or aggressive, which means we should not allow traffic stops for simple seat belt violations or other insignificant restrictions which don’t effect public safety.  Proper driving protocol does effect public safety, with appropriate communication on the roads, so signaling, speeding, reckless driving are all public safety concerns… seat belt laws are not, and are merely personal safety and responsibility, which should not warrant a traffic stop or citation.  Personal safety should be handled by the support system of the community teaching responsibility and falls on the of the individual discretion.  Public safety should be the main focus of law enforcement, with an emphasis on violent crime prevention.  Search Warrants for police home invasions are also highly dangerous, resulting is police hostility and aggression, with a standard practice of killing any dogs due to an assumed threat or interference, so these too, should be restricted to violent crimes and danger to the community, Marijuana not being a danger or violent offense requiring such action and response.  The majority of the police probably do not want to enforce these common sense or personal choice laws, and they are simply doing a job, which we should make clear and easy, what is necessary, so we can maintain the highest level of Police and Service Appreciation, because the best bond between the Police and the Public will only be more beneficial for all.  You cannot protect a man from himself but you should protect them from each other.

If Nothing Else, Do it for the Hemp:
The U.S. is the only industrialized nation in the world that does not recognize the value of industrial hemp and permit its production.”  Countries with industrialized hemp include: Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and Turkey.  Ukraine, Egypt, Korea, Portugal, and Thailand also produce hemp. – http://www.thehia.org/facts.html

Obama spent more fighting medicinal marijuana than George W Bush in half the time - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/25/obama-pot-_n_3479283.html
Industrialized Hemp Production – Countries – http://www.thehia.org/facts.html
Marijuana Arrest Statistics – http://marijuana-arrests.com/US-arrests.html

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