Life Hack Lumber Jack

.....Life Hack Lumber Jack.....
by Ego Amigo
The mighty redwood grew big and tall. 
The spry young buck, chops, to watch it fall.

Was part of the tool that chops me down, 
but when it's my time, I never frown,
The tallest tree, no other like me, 
but in my place, plant another you see,
I feed the man and seed the land, 
the master plan, oh so grand.

Standing right in front of me,
but oh so grand, I cannot see, 
the magnificent glory of the tree,
The more it grows, the more shadows, 
the more it sways as it blows,
Stood proud and true, aloud it blew, 
the wind could shake it but never knew,
One day I’d take it, but replace a new, 
because I knew, 
One day my kids would need it too.

Within nature, we can see, 
life well lived, in harmony.

Life Hack, Lumber Jack.
- Ego Amigo: "Life Hack Lumber Jack"

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