Politiks: Empower the People to Promote Sustainable Prosperity for All

Never forget that politicians are public servants.  All this “power that be” nonsense is pointless, a destructive displacement of responsibility… they don’t own us, we own them…. and they are simply a reflection of society, lacking accountability.  It is our responsibility to hold them accountable as well as ourselves.  They have no actual power, only an absence, filling the void of our vacated influence, as we relinquish our own power to external entities; whether its politics, corporations, organizations, etc.  We have developed an abscess known as government and we must cleanse it.  We should not look toward them for answers; we must provide the answers and hold them accountable to implement those solutions to societal problems.  We must also educate the ignorant, so they are not vulnerable to negative influence.  The amplification of our voice and reach, to empower the people to be part of the positive influence which ripples through our nation, building both character and community, as a shining example of progress and potential for the world to follow.

True voting takes place outside of the elections.... with commerce and influence.... if we don't change our social atmosphere, we will never change the status quo, which is a reflection of society, but people need to be empowered to their role in influencing the system, not relinquishing power by simply settling for voting on election day.

Ask yourself... are you proud of how they are representing you? 

Our heightened prosperity has come at the cost of world suffering, just as the elite prosperity of our nation has come at the cost of sacrificing prosperity for the lower majority in our own nation.  We must sacrifice some greed to allow others to feed, because we are all united in this world and we must work together for sustainable prosperity of all to ensure the greatest positive results for all.  If we think our government has been hard on us, that’s nothing compared to the suffering it has inflicted on the world to provide our advanced prosperity, which is why politics facilitate corporations and economics, because it elevates our level of prosperity by keeping this revenue flowing and business in house.  We are a nation of middle men and destructive waste, and we must change; our path of prosperity is not sustainable.  We must set a precedent to empower the people to influence change in policy which promotes sustainable prosperity of all, worldwide.

That being said, the perception of privilege is also a very destructive misconception, leading to marginalization, which does not credit the hard work and sacrifice it took to gain heightened levels of prosperity and evolve as a society, and America is not only prosperous because of our obtainment of resources but also our social evolution providing great progress for equality and sustainable prosperity for all.  The displacement of responsibility by excusing prosperity as privilege is also what is keeping many self destructive potentially lower class individuals from raising their level of prosperity and actually fuels ignorance and increases their vulnerability to negative influence destroying themselves, their families and their communities.  Empowerment of the people would replace destructive qualities with constructive character building and contribution to community.

Empower the People to Promote Sustainable Prosperity for all.

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