Prodigal Genius

By Ego Amigo

I’m a prodigal genius, 
a lyrical mastermind, 

I don’t even have to rhyme, 

I just have to speak,
And feel the flow 
start coming slow 
then I explode
into this unplanned chaos you call speech,
which allows me to release, 
my vocal inhibitions, 

and my logical contradictions, 

it shall be,
Cause leads to effect, 
perspective breeds affect,
the truth we all reject, 
politically correct is not respect,

So we hide behind the lies, 
interact while in disguise, 
free is wisdom but still no whys, 
intellectual poverty defies,

All the fruit of innovation, 
where’s the proof of in damnation, 
hell on earth is what we create,
killing others to fill our plate, 
our own actions seal our fate, 
but if we change it’s not too late,

So sacrifice some greed, 
to allow others to feed, 
because we know where it will lead, 
to the birth, a better breed,

Of humanity it is a choice, 
we should all share one voice, 
to better the world and then rejoice,
and die happy knowing we've done our best, 
but for now I will regress,
all the facts cannot compress, 
and our path cannot digress,

Helping others paves the way, 
to enjoy a brighter day, 
and benefit yourself, you just may, 
because karma will always pay.

- Ego Amigo: "Prodigal Genius"

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