Meat & Dairy

……. MEAT & DAIRY …….
by Ego Amigo
Wow this is delicious, I’m not going to lie
But why do these animals all have to die?
Because they’re nutritious and vicious you see
Survival of the fittest but at least they’ll be free

Why does it matter if we put up a fence?
Given food, shelter and a proper defense
Alone in the wild, they would never survive
Facing starvation, disease or being eaten alive
Whether wild or mild, If you ask me
Given a choice, I’d rather live in captivity

I don’t care much for salads, they taste like a bore
Eating should be fun, instead of feel like a chore
So let’s eat and be merry and put to good use
we can eat meat and dairy, but avoid the abuse
so be kind to the bovine, and the finger lickin’ chicken,
even bow to the cow, for providing this feast. 

-Ego Amigo: "Meat & Dairy"

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